6-months to Unstoppable Power, Purpose and Passion 

The SOULution

a revolutionary mentoring program with renowned spiritual teacher Deb Sheppard


Awaken your superpowers to be, do and have what you REALLY want.
Release the fears, guilt and limiting beliefs that are holding you back.
Get total clarity on what you're meant to do in this lifetime.
Turn setbacks and "failures" into powerful opportunities.
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You've likely had moments in your life when you were in the flow - when you felt inspired, passionate and filled with purpose. 

But, chances are, those occasions have been sporadic. 

Most of the time, you've felt that life is happening TO you. 

Perhaps you've felt powerless and that so many things are beyond your control. 

Maybe you've felt confused, hopeless or lost. 

You've done everything right - from pursuing life goals and career aspirations to working on yourself. But, the inspired, soul-led experience you crave eludes you. 

  It's so frustrating because... 

Deep within, you KNOW you have the power to create what you want. 

Over the past 20 years, I've helped thousands of people release blocks and step into the flow of unstoppable power, purpose and passion. 

And I can help you too. 

The SOULution is my 6-month life-changing process during which you breakthrough what is holding you back and awaken to the limitless power available to you  - so you can finally co-create a life that lights you up. 

There is so much more for you to do, be and have. It's time to stop denying yourself the inspiration, meaning and happiness you're longing for. 

Change Your Life Now!

Over 6 life-changing months, you'll...

  • Awaken your superpowers to be, do and have what you REALLY want.
  • Stop playing small and take action on your desires.
  • Release the fears, guilt and limiting beliefs that are holding you back.
  • Get total clarity on what you're meant to do in this lifetime.
  • Stop living according to other people's opinions.
  • Turn setbacks and "failures" into powerful opportunities. 
  • Partner with Spirit to create a steady steam of miracles in your life.
  • Find joy and power in the present - no matter what's happening around you.
  • Tap into the life-changing power of your intuition - so you feel guided with every step you take. 
  • And much more!

What you get inside this transformational experience

Life-changing training modules 

Get ready to release blocks and move into the flow! Each month, we cover a crucial step in the SOULution process and I share the exact strategies I've used to help thousands of clients. You'll join me live on video or you can watch on demand. 

Personalized support from me through our powerful group coaching sessions

This is so not one of those "courses" where you only get a lesson and then no follow up! As part of The SOULution, you join me for group coaching three times a month - during which you can get personalized support from me on integrating the teachings and help with whatever is happening in your life right now. 

Exclusive Guided Meditations 

You'll also get  exclusive meditations and intentions each Monday to help you set a powerful energy for the week and fully integrate everything at the deepest level possible. 

Extra support from our soul-centered community

Make like-minded, supportive friends and get extra support in our exclusive private Facebook group just for The SOULution participants. It’s often said we are the product of the people we spend the most time with. This is an amazing group that will light you up no matter what!

One-on-One Sessions - with the All-Star Plan

 You also have the option to upgrade and receive private ongoing support from me through monthly one-on-one sessions. During these personal 1 hour sessions, I'll help you more deeply integrate the teachings and share messages and intuitive guidance.

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Hear What Deb Cross has to Say


What Sets The SOULution Apart?

Chances are you've invested a lot of time, energy and money in spiritual and personal development over the years. And, you probably didn’t feel you got back what you put in? Maybe you walked away with a small victory or a short-lived change. Then you found yourself getting stuck again - dealing with the same-old frustrating patterns and struggles.

The SOULution is totally different.

This is the very process and methodology I've used to help thousands of clients go from struggle to deeply satisfying lives. It's not just some rehash of teachings you've seen before.  

The SOULution is also more than a course in which there is a talking head and you're left feeling unsupported and on your own. It's an experience with tons of built-in touch points and support. We meet weekly (through a monthly training and group coaching three times a month) and you get additional support in our Facebook group. You also have the option to upgrade to the All-Star plan and receive one-on-one sessions with me each month. 

Take a Peek into Your 6-Month Journey with Deb


Month 1:
Courage to Change

Our first crucial step is awakening the deep well of courage within you. So many people don't create what they want because they simply can't connect with their innate courage. This month, you will drop your baggage, reframe failures as fuel for greatness, open up to your intuition and more! 


Month 2:
Shift Your Thinking

As the saying goes, you are what you think. Which is why it's so important to really examine what thoughts and limiting beliefs may be getting in the way of your happiness and success. I share the tools you need to shift your thinking at the deepest levels and release the opinions of others. You'll become more in alignment with what you say, feel and do. I also share a powerful key for letting go of guilt, which is often at the heart of our blocks. 


Month 3:
Feel the Fear and Do It Any Way

 So many people live unfulfilled lives because of fear. I don't want you to be one of them! This month, you release fear and stop letting it control you. You learn to let go of fear of failure, release competition with others, and reframe "failures" as opportunities. You're not here to play small - unless you want to! 

Month 4:
Own Your Power to Have What You Desire

Fantasies are not fiction. As you discover this month, they can be your life!  You'll release any patterns of unworthiness and step into your deservedness. I also teach powerful methods of using your intuition and imagination to own your power and get what you want. 

Month 5:
Amplify Your Intuition and Awareness

Your intuition is your number 1 guide and chances are you aren't using it to the fullest extent. All that changes this month! You'll discover your intuitive strengths and learn powerful tools for quickly getting the clear answers you need - when you need them. You'll also tap into the life-changing power of the universe - so you can trust the process and know that each guided step is leading you to something even better than you can imagine. 


Month 6:
Living a Life that Lights You Up

In our final month, you get the tools you need to continue this momentum for the rest of your life. You fully integrate the importance of staying accountable to yourself as you go forth and create your deepest desires. You step into all the possibilities before you and I share a powerful tool to help you on your way. Ultimately, my hands are on your back helping you! 

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"You will be changed the very first moment that you dive in."

Deb's teachings will shape how I live for years to come... Being a highly anxious person, I learned what anxious energy is mine and what energy I can turn off from the outside. I learned to listen to that anxiety and dig deep into what was causing it and how to work through whatever the issue is... The biggest take away for me was that the process is forever unfolding. I could retake her course today and peel back 100 new and different layers... I would highly recommend Deb to anyone who wants to have a deeper understanding of their path on this earth. I can guarantee that if you sign up and are willing to open up your mind and heart, you will be changed the very first moment that you dive in.

~ Jeff VanDerhule

Our Schedule

Please note: If you cannot make a live session, do not worry at all! All sessions are recorded and made available on demand to everyone. And you can always post your questions in our Facebook group. 

Meditation Mondays: Each week I create a special meditation and set an intention - which I post in our Facebook group. 

Live Video Trainings: We'll have our Live Video Trainings once a month on a Monday at 2PM ET/ 1PM CT/ 12PM MT/11AM PT. This is when I share all the crucial insights into the materials and give you some exercises and assignments. 

Group Coaching: We have our Live Group Coaching on Zoom three Fridays a month at 2PM ET/ 1PM CT/ 12PM MT/11AM PT. This will be your chance to ask me questions about the material, and I'll help you further apply the insights to your life. 

Please see the FAQ section for the full schedule. 

Deb's incredible ability places her as one of the most accurate mediums I've ever tested!

~James Van Praagh, acclaimed spiritual teacher and bestselling author

It's time to awaken the unstoppable power inside you.

If you've read this far, you owe it to yourself to honor that whisper inside that's nudging you, saying…


This is the opportunity - the soulution -  you've been searching for. Don't let it pass you by. 

Now is the time to stop struggling and step into the inspired flow of purpose, power, passion and miracles that is awaiting you in The SOULution.


Here's a Recap of Everything You Get in The SOULution…

It's hard to assign value to an experience like this. After all, how can you put a price on the life-changing transformation that takes place when you finally release what is holding you back and step into your authentic power to create a life that is even BETTER than you could imagine? 

Let's do the math... 

SIX FULL MONTHS of life-changing support from Deb…. $1800

Personalized coaching through our intimate group sessions 3x a month… $2400

Private community of like-minded friends… $600

Guided meditations that revolutionize your connection with your soul and spirit guides… $360

Monthly one-on-one sessions with Deb - to get personalized guidance (with the All-Star plan)… $2400

Insights that will make a dramatic difference in your life… priceless

The total value is a grand total of $7560
But you won’t pay that!
When you enroll now, you’ll get our exclusive pricing


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Your Protected with Our 100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

I'm confident the The SOULution will support your personal and spiritual growth if you do the work. That's why I'm offering a risk-free guarantee. 

Here's how it works: Sign up now and join me for the first 2 weeks. If you're not happy with what you're learning, you can request a full refund. All we ask is that you log into the portal, complete the homework assigned and participate in the private Facebook group. If you do this and find the material doesn't support you in any way, we'll gladly refund your tuition. 

What People are Saying about Deb and The SOULution...


I learned how to step out of my comfort zone and trust my intuition. I loved everything about the classes I have done with you. I learned to trust messages that I kept getting but was not recognizing. I also made so many friends from my tribe! I would encourage anyone who is considering a class to do it. I'm so happy that my daughter finally did a workshop! She loved it!


I had a session with Deb, and the one session was better than 5 years of counseling. I was 100% for sure talking to the dead with her. There is zero doubt in my mind. People/animals who I would never guess showed up to talk and help me heal. The thing that surprised me was her insight and the advice she gave. She was very realistic and could give real-life advice, not like someone you would picture who did this. Her head is not in the clouds. It was the best time and money I have ever spent on myself.

~ Miranda P.

I definitely felt a shift in understanding my personal struggles and how they relate to my purpose. I started seeing my passions as tools, rather than purpose and my challenges as my lessons/purpose.


About your mentor...

Deb Sheppard is an internationally recognized spiritual teacher, medium, psychic, author and speaker. Over the last 20 years, she's helped thousands of people discover their purpose, heal grief and create lives that light them up. She has also connected thousands of clients to their loved ones in spirit, helping bring life full circle. Death is a part of every life, and Deb believes those who have crossed over remain connected to us––although they are on the other side, they are forever by our side. Deb’s incredible ability places her in the top 3% most accurate in her profession.

Since 2001, her detailed readings have amazed and astounded many around the world. Her belief is to help empower every one that she works with so they can break free of the fears that hold them back from being their true selves. She has guided and taught thousands of students her philosophy on the afterlife, how we can open communication with the spirit world and move forward in a much more enlightened, passionate and inspired way.

Got a Question? 

We're here to help! Here are the most common questions we get. If you have another question, don't hesitate to reach out to me and my team.

"Deb gave me the ability to see things from a different vantage point. I truly believe that I am able to walk in my power and OWN IT! I am forever grateful to have been part of the divine group of LOVE."

~ J.H.

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