Release the hidden barriers that are blocking
your higher purpose, happiness and success.

Soul Contracts

A life-changing online experience with spiritual teacher Deb Sheppard

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You’re someone who is deeply committed to personal and spiritual growth.
You sense there is more for you to do, be and experience here on this earth.
And you’ve been working hard towards all that.

No matter how hard you try, certain areas of your life just aren’t unfolding as you’d like.

The same old blocks keep getting in the way of your happiness, success and peace.

Frustrating patterns — like depression, abandonment, codependency or sabotage — keep you from living full out.

That dream job or “soulmate” relationship may remain elusive.

And then there are those difficult relationships which just aren’t improving.

And why the heck do you keep attracting the same kinds of frustrating situations?!

Sometimes you may just want to throw your hands up in the air and shout…"WHY ME?"

I feel your frustration. I’ve been there and have helped countless clients through this as well.

Here’s what I want you to know…

You CAN triumph through these blocks and create an entirely NEW powerful story in which you play the heroine or hero of your life. (Without years of therapy, going to psychics, or reading every self-improvement book known to man!)

The ultimate secret to creating this kind of breakthrough lies in uncovering your Soul Contracts — the lessons and patterns our soul choose before birth.

In this life-changing online experience, you’ll come to deeply understand these Soul Contracts and get the keys to finally release the hidden barriers that are holding you back. As I lead you through my channeled insights and exercises, you'll be able to rise above any struggles on your path (even during this chaotic time) and completely transform your circumstances.

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Over 5 powerful weeks you'll...

  • Uncover the Soul Contracts your soul choose for you in this lifetime.

  • Understand the lessons you’re here to learn.

  • Become aware of the archetypes you possess and the positive and negative roles they’re playing in your life.

  • See the higher purpose of your difficult relationships - as you come to understand the inner-workings of your soul groups.

  • Take your power back from the people who you feel did you wrong.

  • Free yourself from your past and heal your old wounds.

  • Awaken your most powerful asset - your intuition - so that you can create a soul-led life.

  • Connect with your spirit guides and get their extraordinary support on your journey.

  • Rise above struggles and feel more at ease with yourself.

  • Move towards greater enlightenment.

  • And much more!

What you get inside this transformational experience

Life-Changing training modules full of insights and exercises

All to help you understand your Soul Contracts and use that knowledge to transform your life. I teach each of these modules over live video each week of our 5-week journey. You can join me live or watch on demand later. 

Personalized support from me through our powerful group coaching sessions.

You’ll have the chance to get your questions answered, and I personally help you dig deep, uncover your life lessons, heal the past, connect with spirit and awaken your deepest potential. You can join me live or watch on demand later. 

Exclusive Guided Meditations 

 I create a meditation and special intention each week to help you fully integrate everything at the deepest level possible. Through these, you'll receive guidance from your higher self and guides to help you connect, understand your soul contracts, heal and create a new story for yourself.  

Extra support from our soul-centered community.

You’ll also get to join our exclusive private Facebook group for course participants, where you can get extra support from like-minded friends. It’s often said we are the product of the people we spend the most time with. This is an amazing group that will light you up no matter what!

Follow-Up Coaching
to Help You Stay on Track

So many “courses” are one-off events with no follow up. You learn something and then you’re left on your own. Not this! I’ve included a follow-up session for us to regroup a month after finishing the program. I know things will come up for you after the course finishes. So I will be here for you! 

Teaching sessions take place Mondays at 4pm MT and Coaching sessions take place Friday at 4pm MT. Both are on zoom. You may call in or use video.

You have the option to join me live or watch on demand later. EVERYTHING is recorded and emailed to students.

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What Makes Soul Contracts so Unique?

While there oh-so-many “courses” out there, few - if any - offer the unparalleled support and life-changing insights you get inside Soul Contracts.

Over the last 25 years, I’ve led my clients through this one-of-a-kind journey at sold-out retreats. I’ve been astounded by the breakthroughs and “ahas” that have taken place during such a short time — from participants healing painful relationships and old hurts to discovering their authentic voice and purpose. These next seven weeks will miraculously change the way you view your life, yourself and the people you know.


"Soul Contracts gave me the ability to see things from a different vantage point. I truly believe that I am able to walk in my power and OWN IT! I am forever grateful to have been part of the divine group of LOVE."

~ J.H.

The Soul Contracts Curriculum

Module 1:
Understanding Your Soul Groups and Sacred Contracts

Prior to birth, we make Sacred Contracts with other souls to exchange lessons of Dharma. In this fascinating module, you'll discover who is in your soul group and what your soul planned for you prior to birth.

Module 2:
Why Are You Here? 

Have you always wondered what your life purpose is and how to fulfill it? Here's your chance to get all the clarity you need! In this module, you uncover your life purpose and the lessons you are here to learn. You'll also gain clarity on your archetypes - so you can make choices that move you towards what you want. 

Module 3:
Getting Your Ph.D. on Earth

Discover your Earth Teachers and the lessons you're meant to learn from them. Some of our greatest teachers are our difficult relationships. Once you uncover the meaning behind it all, you can let go of the need to control, and it is so much easier to move forward with ease.

Module 4:
Embracing Your Lessons

Now we delve even more deeply into your life lessons, enabling you to fully embrace what you've come here to learn. With the new perspectives and "ahas" you gain in this module, you'll be able to leave the past behind and more deeply forgive and accept yourself and others.

Module 5:
Telling Your NEW Story 

You're now ready to tell an entirely NEW story - one in which you are the heroine or hero who has the power create your deepest desires - in partnership with Spirit. In this life-changing module, you'll learn to embrace your limitless potential, open up to miracles in everything, and move forward with ease! 

Start Your Journey Now!
"You will be changed the very first moment that you dive in."

When I signed up for Deb's Soul Contracts course, I did not know what I was looking for. I knew that I had intuition and really wanted to learn how to use that. The problem was that I wanted to use it for ego purposes - how much money I was going to make, how successful I would be... It wasn't until I was into the course that I realized what Deb was teaching was so much more meaningful and that her teachings would shape how I live for years to come... Being a highly anxious person, I learned what anxious energy is mine and what energy I can turn off from the outside. I learned to listen to that anxiety and dig deep into what was causing it and how to work through whatever the issue is... The biggest take away for me was that the process is forever unfolding. I could retake her course today and peel back 100 new and different layers... I would highly recommend Soul Connections to anyone who wants to have a deeper understanding of their path on this earth. I can guarantee that if you sign up and are willing to open up your mind and heart, you will be changed the very first moment that you dive in.

~ Jeff VanDerhule

Course Schedule

Soul Contracts officially starts June 25 at 5pm MT with the welcome party. The first teaching session is Monday, June 28 at 4pm MT. 

Please note: If you cannot make a live session, do not worry at all! All sessions are recorded and made available on demand to everyone. And you can always post your questions in our Facebook group. 

Meditation Mondays: We start each week with a special meditation and set an intention. This is posted in our portal and Facebook Group.  

Live Video Trainings - Mondays: We'll have our Live Video Trainings on Zoom at 6PM ET/ 5PM CT/ 4PM MT/3PM PT. This is when I share all the crucial insights into the materials and give you some exercises and assignments. 

Group Coaching - Fridays: We have our Live Group Coaching on Zoom at 6PM ET/ 5PM CT/ 4PM MT/3PM PT. This will be your chance to ask me questions about the material, and I'll help you further apply the insights to your life. 

I came home that evening and felt an incredible calm that I have never felt before. I just sat for hours feeling. My husband Eric however, fell into a deep sleep and did not wake up for about 12 hours or so. When he awakened the next morning he also felt calm and very clear about the changes he had decided on. Sooo in short, both of us realized the workshop all happened for a reason. I want to thank you Deb for all the love, kindness and hard work ya’ll put into Soul Contracts. I don’t know how you do it but you will probably never know how many lives you touched...Again, many many thanks!

~Shelly M.

So, it’s decision time.

You can choose to keep things the same…

~ Struggling to break free of frustrating patterns like sabotage, depression, codependency, worry, or anger.
~ Feeling unsure of your purpose.
~ Wondering why you keep experiencing the same-old setbacks.


You can unlock your Soul Contracts and create an entirely NEW story - one in which you are the heroine or hero who lives with purpose, peace, happiness and passion.


It’s time to step into your future.

Here’s a recap of everything you get…

What would you pay for life-changing insights and the transformation that comes when you uncover the power of your Soul Contracts? It’s certainly hard to put a number on that kind of life-changing, soul-led breakthrough, but I’ve done my best.

Here’s the math…

Transformational trainings to help you unlock your Soul Contracts and live your purpose (5 in all)…. $1050

Personalized support through our group coaching sessions (5 in all)… $1050

Private community of like-minded friends… $200

Guided meditations that revolutionize your connection with your soul and spirit guides… $105

Follow up group support session a month after the course ends… $150

Insights that will make a dramatic difference in your life… priceless

The total value is a grand total of $2555
But you won’t pay that!
When you enroll now, you’ll get a limited-time savings.
Only $397 or 3 monthly payments of $149. 


Plus... you have the option to upgrade to a very special VIP package! 
I created this VIP package for people who want to take Soul Contracts even deeper. It includes...

Exclusive Access to a Small Group Reading.
Here's your chance to get a mini reading with me. This group reading is for VIP students only and will take place on Zoom on August 13 at 6pm MT. I do as many readings as possible for a full hour.  

The Ultimate Chakra Cleansing Kit.
This special kit was created by me to help you restore, balance and align your chakras - the energy centers of the body. Each kit includes a full set of chakra crystals, a beautiful mala bracelet and 7 essential oil candles - all chosen and designed to invoke a healing experience aligned with the energy that resonates through each Chakra.  

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What People are Saying about Deb and Soul Contracts...

I learned how to step out of my comfort zone and trust my intuition. I loved everything about the classes I have done with you. I learned to trust messages that I kept getting but was not recognizing. I also made so many friends from my tribe! I would encourage anyone who is considering a class to do it. I'm so happy that my daughter finally did a workshop! She loved it!


I had a session with Deb, and the one session was better than 5 years of counseling. I was 100% for sure talking to the dead with her. There is zero doubt in my mind. People/animals who I would never guess showed up to talk and help me heal. The thing that surprised me was her insight and the advice she gave. She was very realistic and could give real-life advice, not like someone you would picture who did this. Her head is not in the clouds. It was the best time and money I have ever spent on myself.

~ Miranda P.

In studying Soul Contracts with Deb Sheppard, I definitely felt a shift in understanding my personal struggles and how they relate to my purpose. I started seeing my passions as tools, rather than purpose and my challenges as my lessons/purpose.


About your mentor...

Deb Sheppard is an internationally recognized spiritual teacher, medium, psychic, author and speaker. Over the last 20 years, she's helped thousands of people discover their purpose, heal grief and create lives that light them up. She has also connected thousands of clients to their loved ones in spirit, helping bring life full circle. Death is a part of every life, and Deb believes those who have crossed over remain connected to us––although they are on the other side, they are forever by our side. Deb’s incredible ability places her in the top 3% most accurate in her profession.

Since 2001, her detailed readings have amazed and astounded many around the world. Her belief is to help empower every one that she works with so they can break free of the fears that hold them back from being their true selves. She has guided and taught thousands of students her philosophy on the afterlife, how we can open communication with the spirit world and move forward in a much more enlightened, passionate and inspired way.

Deb's incredible ability places her as one of the most accurate mediums I've ever tested!

~James Van Praagh, acclaimed spiritual teacher and bestselling author