Tired of trying so hard to manifest more fulfillment, money, love or a big goal... but not getting results? THIS will change that!

Finally transcend even the biggest obstacles and manifest what you really, REALLY want 

33 Days to More Money,
 Miracles & Infinite Bliss

A groundbreaking manifestation accelerator to bring you your most cherished desire in just 33 days

Doors reopen in late June 2023. Space is limited - get first access when you join the waitlist!

 With renowned spiritual teacher, bestselling author and master manifester Deb Sheppard



Before you think your next thought, 

Read this first. 


Right now, the amount of negativity in the world is the greatest it's been in our lifetime... and with all the distraction, fear and stress, it's getting harder and harder to create what you really want. 

The last couple of years brought many unexpected challenges, and it doesn’t matter if you’re trying to manifest a new car, the love of your life, your dream job, a new home... or just a cute pair of new shoes (yes, it's okay to want something physical!), the unpredictability (and negativity) swirling around is making it REALLY hard for even the most dedicated go-getters to create what they want. 

Can you relate?

Yes! I'm Ready!
Let's be real though...  even during the easy times,

manifesting what you want can be hard. 

The Secret told us that we attract what we think about.

  • Think positive thoughts and we attract¬†what we want.
  • Think negative thoughts and we attract what we don't want.

So does that mean if I focus positively "enough" on winning the lottery, it will just happen? But, if it doesn't happen, it's my fault because I had one doubtful moment last year and not enough time of positive thinking has gone by to make up for that "bad" thought?

It all feels a bit confusing (even ridiculous!), don't you think? 

Maybe it would be easier if we all lived in a positive bubble untouched by the real world? 

If you've been trying to achieve a goal, fulfill a wish, or make a dream a reality, you know how hard it is to get there in real life.

There are hundreds of hurdles and questions that come up in every day life that get in the way of your results. 

Description of the imageHow do I overcome the "negative" thoughts, feelings and beliefs that keep coming up? 

Description of the imageWhat if I want something sooo much - or am so attached to it - I drive it away? How do I finally stop doing that? Is there a balance?!

Description of the imageHow do I release life-long issues with deserving... no amount of positive thinking is helping with that?! 

Description of the imageIs it spiritually ok to want to manifest more money? What if what I want will take more money - how do I transcend blocks to wealth?  

Description of the imageHow do I recognize the signs and guidance from Spirit and the Universe - so that I know for sure that I'm on the right path? 

Description of the imageShould I create a vision board, repeat affirmations, pray, practice gratitude, barter with the universe, use crystals or something else ... what really, truly works?? 

Description of the imageThere is so much fear and negativity in the world. I can't live in a bubble! How do I stop naysayers from blocking my goals and dreams? 

Description of the imageHow do I make the RIGHT decisions when I need to - so I can avoid setbacks and mistakes? 

These are make or break moments, baby... 

How you move through these manifestation hurdles will help you either thrive or survive.  

 Because when you have the proven techniques and support you need to transcend them, it's the difference between easily and quickly manifesting your dream job, relationship, home - whatever it is you want - and staying stuck in the same-old cycle of frustration and disappointment. 

Ever had this happen?

There's something you really want.  So you set out to manifest it. You might... 

Description of the imageSet a clear intention about what you want. 

Description of the image Make a vision board complete with tons of incredible pictures that took hours to find. 

Description of the imageRepeat positive  affirmations. 

Description of the imageTake actions that seem to support your manifestation. 

You're all pumped up, excited to finally meet your soulmate, make 10k in 10 days, get more signs from your loved ones, or land your dream job.

But, then life gets in the way. 

Description of the imageAn obstacle or setback causes you to doubt whether your dream is even possible.  

Description of the imageLimiting beliefs creep in, leading you to feel like you don't deserve what you want. 

Description of the imageStress and all your daily to-do's take over - so you can't help but disconnect from the flow of manifesting.  

Description of the imageAll the fears and negativity in the world cause you to try to control how things manifest, which only leads you to more ROADBLOCKS and failed manifestations.  

Before you know it, you're back to square one, trying to muster the energy to get excited about your manifestation - to even believe it's possible.    

You try to "regroup" by watching inspirational videos, reading self-help books, asking your friends for advice... 

But betting your cherished dream on any of these quick fixes is only resulting in more frustration, self-doubt,  and WASTED TIME. Chances are, all of this has eaten up YEARS of your life... 

The end result... you feel more and more powerless... and your desires stay out of reach. 



It's time to go from powerless to powerFUL inside the last course you'll ever need... 

33 Days to Money, Miracles and Infinite Bliss

A life-changing manifestation accelerator where you'll finally transcend EVERY LIMIT and turn your deepest desire into a tangible reality...

in just 33 days!

Say no more! I'm READY!

Hi, I'm Deb Sheppard.

I was once living my life in a way that may be similar to you... struggling, trying to make my goals happen but coming up with nothing, feeling alone and powerless. I was so frustrated.

Then a series of synchronicities led me to connect with Spirit  on a very deep level. As I connected, I was able to channel information that helped me totally transform my life. 

With the support of Spirit and the Universe, I went from struggling with lack, grief and loneliness to finding my true calling in life, meeting the great love of my life, infinite abundance, true happiness and more.

Over the past 20 years, I've helped thousands of students and clients release blocks and step into the flow of miraculous manifestations. 

I know I can help you too.

Here's a Peek into the Results You Can Get Inside  

Money, Miracles and Infinite Bliss

Unlock the shackles of hidden Limiting Beliefs - so your manifestations are finally free to soar.
Attract a steady stream of miracles - so that your manifestations flow into real life in surprisingly easy and effortless ways.
Unlock Nikola Tesla's powerful manifestation secret, which works in tandem with the law of attraction and numerology. 


Unleash the secrets of Feng Shui to craft an environment that aligns with your exact manifestation and beckons in what you really want.
Connect with your spirit guides or guardian angels as allies in your manifestation journey. They can provide support, protection, and guidance along the way.
Bridge the gap between dreams and reality by wielding the power of inspired action, turning your visions into tangible results.

Ultimately, you'll bring your most cherished dream into reality. 

Yes! I'm ready to get what I want!

How the 33 Days to Money, Miracles and Infinite Bliss manifestation accelerator works

Description of the imageThe course starts on October 21 with a live workshop on Zoom from 9-3pm PST/ 10-4pm MST/ 11-5pm CST/ 12-6pm EST. This extraordinary day will be filled with game-changing manifestation tools and experiential, spirit-channeled exercises that will help you release what's blocking you and create a whole new way of being. 

Description of the imageWe then begin our extraordinary 33-day manifestation journey. You'll have FUN Manifesting Power Moves to do each day as well as ongoing support from me and our like-minded community inside our private Facebook community. 

Description of the imageAlong the way, you'll have LIVE Power Hour check in with me on 11/11, where you can get personalized laser coaching and spirit-channeled manifestation guidance from me. (We'll be on Zoom at 11am PST/ 12pm MST/ 1pm CST/ 2pm EST.)

Description of the imageWe have a "closing" manifestation ceremony on 11/22 - at the end of our 33 days. CELEBRATING with others is KEY if you want to bring more manifestations into your life going forward.  (We'll be on Zoom at 11am PST/ 12pm MST/ 1pm CST/ 2pm EST.)

Description of the imageI don't want to leave you hanging, which I know happens in a lot of courses! We have a follow up LIVE group session on December 7 at 5pm PST/6pm MST/7pm CST/ 8pm EST.  

Imagine what it will be like when you...

Description of the imageAttract the love of your life. 

Description of the imageCreate a windfall of wealth. 

Description of the imageLive in your dream home. 

Description of the imageFeel the happiest you've ever felt.

Description of the imageManifest your dream job or more meaningful work.

Description of the imageExperience the security and comfort you crave.

Description of the imageManifest the signs and guidance you've longed for from your guides and loved ones in Spirit.

Description of the imageExperience the deep, lasting healing you've wanted

Description of the imageManifest your own steady stream of miracles.

Description of the imageRelease the fears, guilt and limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

Description of the imageFinally break free ot stuggles and manifest what you want practically on demand.

What you get inside the 33 Days to Money Miracles and Infinite Bliss manifestation accelerator

Experiential Live Workshop with me  

Join me LIVE from the comfort of your home on 10/21 for a fun-filled, transformational day like no other. 

I teach you EVERYTHING that has helped me go from struggle to thriving. We also do a releasing ritual, connect with spirit and your loved ones on the Other Side to get help, and more. 

Personalized Manifesting Support from ME 

This is so not one of those "courses" where you only get a lesson but no real support! As part of this, you'll have access to me in our private community and through Power Hour sessions, where you can get laser coaching. And get support from me anytime by posting in our private Facebook community. I'll get back to you in 1 business day with support. Even if you just need me to cheer you on. :)

Exclusive Manifestation Meditations 

You'll also get exclusive meditations and intentions each Monday to help you set powerful energy for the week and fully integrate everything at the deepest level possible. 

Positive collective energy that accelerates your manifestation

Make like-minded, supportive friends and get extra support in our exclusive private Facebook group just for participants. It’s often said we are the product of the people we spend the most time with. This is an amazing group that will light you up no matter what! And, the power of collective energy will help accelerate your manifestation! 

Miracle Mondays!

We also celebrate Miracle Mondays, which will help you manifest miracles beyond your wildest dreams! Each member shares a small or large miracle - which lifts all our energy and attracts a steady stream of more and more miracles for ALL of us. 

Money, Miracles and Infinite Bliss Manifestation Workbook & Journal

These are personally designed by me and filled with the specific tools and prompts I use to manifest. You'll use them throughout the 33 days and going forward in your life!

YES! I want in!

Jacqueline's Story



What's so Unique about 33 Days to Money, Miracles and Infinite Bliss?

Chances are you've invested a lot of time, energy and money in spiritual and personal development over the years. And, you probably didn’t feel you got back what you put in? Maybe you walked away with a small win or a short-lived change. Then you found yourself getting stuck again - dealing with the same-old struggles.

This is totally different. 

First, I'm teaching you the very processes and methodology I've used to help thousands of clients go from struggle to deeply satisfying lives. It's not just some rehash of teachings you've seen before. (Or techniques I haven't personally used and tested.) 

This is also SO MUCH more than an "online course" in which there is a talking head and you're left feeling unsupported and on your own. It's a collective experience. Studies actually show that we are deeply influenced by the energy around us. You could try to manifest on your own, but the reality is... you won't get the same results as quickly as you'll get inside this accelerator because of the collective energy.  

Lise's Story... 




The results you get inside Deb's courses are par none... 

Yes! I want results like this!
So, dear friend...
It's time to get real. The clock is ticking. If life is "too short," do you want to waste more of your precious time struggling, stuck or settling? Isn't it time to awaken the power within you and manifest what you truly want?

If you've come this far, it's a sign that you should listen to that inner voice, that gentle urging saying...

This is the chance you've been seeking. Don't let it slip away.

Now is the moment to cease your struggles and embrace the extraordinary flow of purpose, power, passion, and miracles that await you inside 33 Days to Money, Miracles and Infinite Bliss.

Don't put your desires off any longer‚ÄĒenroll now before¬†more time passes you by.¬†

Here's a Recap of Everything You Get in 33 Days to Money, Miracles and Infinite Bliss…

It's hard to assign value to an experience like this. After all, how can you put a price on the life-changing transformation that takes place when you finally go from struggle and settling to manifesting what you really want?  Let's do the math... 

Live full-day online workshop with me…. $1000 value

Personalized laser coaching through our power hour sessions and private community … $2000 value

Accelerated manifestation  benefits that happen with collective like-minded community… $600 value

Guided meditations that help you partner with spirit, attract miracles and transform obstacles into powerful manifesting opportunities… $360 value

Extraordinary downloadable workbook and journal filled with prompts and tools… $60

Insights that will make a dramatic difference in your life… priceless

 Total Value: $4,020
 But, you won't pay that! Today only...
 $997 $597  

Doors Currently Closed. 

Join the waitlist! It's also a perks list. 

Space is limited - so get on the waitlist for priority access and more. 

We have a no spam policy. Your email is never shared or sold. You're under no obligation to buy the program. This list just gives you first dibs.

You're Protected with Our 100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

I'm confident 33 Days to Money, Miracles and Infinite Bliss will support your personal and spiritual growth if you do the work. That's why I'm offering a risk-free guarantee. 

Here's how it works: Sign up now and join me for the first half of the live workshop on October 21. If you're not happy with what you're learning, you can request a full refund. All we ask is that you fully participate in the teachings up to that point and have joined in the private Facebook group. If you do this and find the material doesn't support you in any way, we'll gladly refund your tuition. 

What People are Saying about Deb and her trainings...


I learned how to step out of my comfort zone and trust my intuition. I loved everything about the classes I have done with you. I learned to trust messages that I kept getting but was not recognizing. I also made so many friends from my tribe! I would encourage anyone who is considering a class to do it. I'm so happy that my daughter finally did a workshop! She loved it!


I had a session with Deb, and the one session was better than 5 years of counseling. I was 100% for sure talking to the dead with her. There is zero doubt in my mind. People/animals who I would never guess showed up to talk and help me heal. The thing that surprised me was her insight and the advice she gave. She was very realistic and could give real-life advice, not like someone you would picture who did this. Her head is not in the clouds. It was the best time and money I have ever spent on myself.

~ Miranda P.

I definitely felt a shift in understanding my personal struggles and how they relate to my purpose. I started seeing my passions as tools, rather than purpose and my challenges as my lessons/purpose.


About Deb

Deb Sheppard is an internationally recognized certified medium, spiritual teacher, master manifester author and speaker.  Her incredible ability places her in the top 3% most accurate in her profession. 

She has shared the stage with global spiritual leaders, including James Van Praagh, Michael Beckwith and Sonia Choquette. When she’s not at live events giving readings or teaching her spiritual philosophies, she’s recording episodes of her moving YouTube Series, Grieving to Believing: A Medium’s Mission to Bring Parents Peace, hosting her popular podcast Spirited Straight Talk and empowering hundreds of her mentoring students each year to let go of their limiting beliefs in order to be open to the spirit world. 

Her book, Grieving to Believing - Discovering the Afterlife, is a two-time Amazon bestseller which tells her personal journey - at times raw - of her own healing process and how her abilities work. 

With hundreds of media appearances, Deb has been featured on CBS, NBC, FOX, iHeart Radio, Daily Blast Live, the Jones Radio Network and more. She’s also been syndicated on 150 stations nationwide and a frequent guest on many of the top TV and Radio stations in Denver for years. 

Known for her compassion and keen sense of humor, Deb is based in Colorado and recently married the love of her life, Dana Nieto who is equally loved and admired in Deb’s community as her chief organizer and co-host on Spirited Straight Talk. 

Got a Question? 

We're here to help! Here are the most common questions we get. If you have another question, don't hesitate to reach out to me and my team.

"You will be changed the very first moment that you dive in."

Deb's teachings will shape how I live for years to come... Being a highly anxious person, I learned what anxious energy is mine and what energy I can turn off from the outside. I learned to listen to that anxiety and dig deep into what was causing it and how to work through whatever the issue is... The biggest take away for me was that the process is forever unfolding. I could retake her course today and peel back 100 new and different layers... I would highly recommend Deb to anyone who wants to have a deeper understanding of their path on this earth. I can guarantee that if you sign up and are willing to open up your mind and heart, you will be changed the very first moment that you dive in.

~ Jeff VanDerhule

Yes! I want in!

 Choose the plan that fits your needs the most. 

Manifesting Maven


One Low Payment

- Everything in the Money, Miracles and Infinite Bliss accelerator, including the live full-day workshop, power hour checkins, Miracle Mondays, meditation and 33 day accelerator support with access to me for personalized laser coaching.


Manifesting Pro


Course + Pro Manifestating Tools

- Everything in the Money, Miracles and Infinite Bliss accelerator, including the live full-day workshop, power hour checkins, Miracle Mondays, meditation and 33 day accelerator support with access to me for personalized laser coaching.

-An extraordinary 108 bead Mala, handpicked by me for you to help you become even more powerful with your manifesting ($77 value)!

-My hand-curated home cleansing kit, full of tolls I use to  remove negative energy and lift my vibration - so I can manifest more quickly. ($39 value)


Manifesting All-Star


Course + My Best Manifesting Tools

- Everything in the Money, Miracles and Infinite Bliss accelerator, including the live full-day workshop, power hour checkins, Miracle Mondays, meditation and 33 day accelerator support with access to me for personalized laser coaching.

- One of my Conscious Intentions Manifestation Boxes, which will be packed with hand-picked tools to help you with your SPECIFIC manifestation. This extraordinary box includes a GORGEOUS Vitajuwl crystal gem water bottle, a 108 bead mala, a high-quality T shirt that reinforces your intention, flying wish paper, a clear quartz crystal to amplify your manifestation and more. ($350 value)