Be Comforted that there is Life After Death & Your Loved Ones are Still with You

Connect with Your Loved Ones in Spirit

An Evening of Live Gallery Readings

Denver, CO - April 5
6-7:30pm MST with meet and greet afterwards  


Renowned psychic medium Deb Sheppard reads for as many audience members as possible, bringing you extraordinary validations and healing messages from loved ones on the Other Side.

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Losing a loved one is devastating. 
I've been in your shoes and understand the kind of heartache that comes with loss.

You may wish you could have one more conversation. Maybe you long for one more laugh or trip down memory lane. You may just want to know for sure they're still here with you.

Mediumship allows you to have all that and more!

Experiencing this night of gallery readings can be one of the most life-changing and profoundly healing experiences you'll ever have. 


Connect with Spirit


During this gallery reading, you'll
  • Experience clear validations that there is indeed life after death - so you now longer have to doubt or wonder.
  • Witness Deb do as many readings as possible for audience members - and potentially get a message from your loved ones.
  • Develop trust that YOUR loved ones are without-a-doubt still with you - so you can feel more security and serenity.
  • Experience new levels of healing and begin to transform pain into peace.
  • Learn to connect and recognize signs and messages from your loved ones on your own - so you can have your  own ongoing connection with them.
  • Have the opportunity to meet Deb after the event. 

 And much more!

Conversations with Spirit takes place on April 5 from 6-7:3pm MST at...

Embassy Suites by Hilton - Denver Central Park
4444 North Havana Street
Denver CO 80239

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A note to you from Deb...

I am always honored to be a messenger for your loved ones on the other side.  This intimate evening will be filled with laughter, love, answers, and spirit connections!  I will read for as many audience members as possible. You will have the opportunity to participate, ask questions about life, love and the afterlife.



How a Gallery Reading Works...

A gallery reading is a light-filled night of connection to the other side!  

During the reading, Deb lets spirit guide her to those who are meant to receive a reading.

Many messages are meant for several of you in the audience as you will find many similarites as I begin to channel and we all benefit from the parallel and universal messages that are shared. You will gain insight and clarity while you discover a world of possibilities.  



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You don't have to struggle, wonder or feel alone any longer...

Connect with Your Loved Ones Now!


This event is April 5 from 6-7:3pm MST at...

Embassy Suites by Hilton - Denver Central Park
4444 North Havana Street
Denver CO 80239

Today only:

$147 $97

Plus... We've added a VIP option! 

It's already going to be an extraordinary evening of validations and healing messages from loved ones on the Other Side. Now, with the VIP option, you can deepen your experience even more.

The VIP upgrade includes:

  • Priority seating in the first 3 rows
  • First in line for the Meet and Greet with me after the event.
  • A gorgeous mala necklace hand-picked by me for YOU - $144 value. (I've chosen every mala bead and color for a very specific purpose, and they have been blessed by me. I'll pick your mala for you during the meet and greet at the end of the event.)


Hurry - Space is limited!


Meet Deb 

Spirit Medium and Bestselling author of Grieving to Believing, Deb Sheppard hosts an enlightening and healing evening of connections to the other side!  For over two decades Deb has been a liason between you and your loved ones on the other side.  She is known for being very ethical, authentic, transparent, and compassionate.  Deb will deliver detailed messages of love, comfort and encouragement from the otherside by sharing, names, dates and detailed validations proving your loved ones are with you.   She creates a link with your loved ones, and explains the different signs and symbols they use to get her attention, but Deb does more that just a “reading”, she shares with you her knowledge of healing and hope.  You’ll leave forever changed – with a fresh new perspective on life and death, a stronger connection to the spirit world and the comforting awareness that your loved ones are “Forever Connected”.

Deb's incredible ability places her as one of the most accurate mediums I've ever tested!

~James Van Praagh, acclaimed spiritual teacher and bestselling author

Connect with Your Loved Ones