Are you tired of just surviving? Feeling stuck in grief, confusion, or pain despite your efforts?

Yes?! You didn't arrive to this page by chance.  THIS  is your breakthrough!


Doors reopen in late June 2023. Space is limited - get first access when you join the waitlist!

A transformational (and fun) online experience that will help you:

Description of the image Effortlessly break the chains of inertia, grief, pain, and confusion as you learn little-known energy-shifting methods that deliver FAST results.

Description of the image Get psychic help from your Spirit Guides and higher self anytime, anywhere and in every endeavor of your life – your work, relationships, healing, creative projects, and more. 

Description of the image Feel better fast and easily create your deepest desires by tapping into the life-changing energies of Feng Shui, Chakra Healing, Dream Incubation, and other powerful modalities.

 Are you feeling tense, fearful or uncertain about your future?

Do you find yourself drained, exhausted, or overwhelmed more often than not?

Despite your best efforts, does it seem like you're perpetually stuck - in grief, unhappiness, a unfulfilling job, a relationship that doesn't feed your soul?

Do you keep attracting Energy Vampires, difficult people, or frustrating situations that bring you down? 


If so, you aren't alone. 

The last four years have been unprecedented to say the least. Chances are, all the craziness in the world is impacting your mind, body and spirit in a BIG way... 

It's DRAINING your energy and making it much harder for you to create the happiness, fulfillment healing and abundance you crave. 

Yes! I'm Ready!
Let's be real though...  even during the supposed "easier times",

it can be a challenge to NOT be dragged down and drained by the demands of life. 

From managing a never-ending to-do list to balancing work, family, and personal commitments, it's easy to lose sight of our well-being and feel like we're constantly running on empty.

There's barely time to think - never mind take actions towards your greatest desires. 

And since the energy you carry WITHIN you radiates outwards, influencing every aspect of your external reality.... you're not able to connect with Spirit, heal or create what you really want in your life.  


Despite working on yourself since you can remember, you still find yourself coming up against pesky blocks. 

You're thinking thoughts like.... 

Description of the image“When will things get EASIER?

Description of the image“I really need more guidance and I've asked my loved ones and Spirit Guides to send me signs - but they don't respond." 

Description of the image“How do I release these blocks that keep dragging me down... no amount of positive thinking or therapy has helped?!"

Description of the image“I'm so tired and stressed. It feels impossible to make the changes I want."

Description of the image“I feel like life is passing me by, and I'm just watching from the sidelines. This isn't what I envisioned for myself."

Description of the image“I wish I could get back my "old self" - the pre-pandemic me / the me before my loss. 

Description of the image“I feel like I’ve lost myself. I don’t even know what I want or who I am anymore.”

Description of the image"I thought time would heal, but it feels like I'm still just as broken as the day it happened."

Really it's beyond frustrating.

Life shouldn't be this way.

You're smart, strong and powerful.

You've stayed determined - trying everything from therapy to self-help books to psychic medium readings. 

It's not your fault that you continue to struggle because... 

The outside world has worn you down and depleted your energy.

In order to get back up, you need to focus on your ENERGY because.... 

energy is the unseen force that shapes destinies and moves mountains.

At the core of all existence lies energy—dynamic, ever-flowing, and omnipresent. It is the fundamental essence that shapes the universe and your inner and outer worlds.  

Within you, energy pulses through every cell, every thought, and every emotion. It is the silent orchestrator of your existence, guiding your every action, decision, and experience.

When your internal energy is in harmony—vibrant, balanced, and aligned—you radiate a magnetic aura of positivity and abundance, effortlessly drawing towards you the people, opportunities, and circumstances that resonate with your highest good. Plus, you are able to deeply connect with Spirit and your loved ones on the Other Side. 

Conversely, when your internal energy is discordant—blocked, stagnant, or misaligned—it creates a ripple effect that reverberates throughout your external reality.

Like a stone cast into a pond, energy you carry and surround yourself with influences the patterns and outcomes that unfold in your life.

If your energy is clouded by negativity and hidden pain, it becomes a barrier to connecting with spirit and the manifestation of your desires, hindering your ability to create the life you envision. 

Imagine what it will be like when you ... 

Description of the imageFEEL empowered, fulfilled and truly happy  

Description of the image Are able to get father faster by doing LESS - as you shift your energy and easily attract what you want no matter what's happening around you. 

Description of the imageReceive ONGOING CLEAR guidance from your spirit guides and loved ones on the Other Side. 

Description of the imageFeel EXCITED and ALIVE again - looking forward to each and every day.

Description of the imageNo longer feel so weighed down by grief because you're getting so many messages from Spirit. 

Description of the imageEasily and effortlessly transform setbacks intro triumphs 

Description of the imageHave the clarity, energy and confidence you need to move forward. 

Description of the imageLIVE your purpose and attract a steady stream of miracles 


All this and more is possible for YOU when you SHIFT your energy. 

Best of all, shifting your energy is EASY and FUN when you have the right tools and support... 

It's time to transform your energy so you can EASILY connect with Spirit and create what you want no matter what's happening in the world around you! That's what happens inside... 

The 30-Day Energy Shift

A life-changing online experience where you'll use proven energy tools to release blocks and obstacles - so you can be guided and go farther, faster by doing... LESS

in just 30 days!

Say no more! I'm READY!

Why I created The 30-Day Energy Shift

Hi, I'm Deb...

So many clients and students have come to me asking for guidance. "Deb," they say, "No matter how hard I try, I can't seem to break free of what's weighing me down. Am I going to struggle for the rest of my life?" Or, they say, "Deb, why can't I heal and just move forward?!"

And over the past year, several have said, "Why does it feel like life isn't on my side?!"

Does that sound familiar? If so, I have a special message for you: The power is already within YOU to turn fear into faith and setbacks into triumphs.

You just need to know how to AWAKEN that power.

It all comes down to energy. When you understand energy and know how to work with it, you're able to totally transform your life. You let go of the blocks and open a direct line to spirit, your loved ones on the Other Side and your intuition.

Over the last 25 years, I've helped thousands of people transform their lives - through the power of spirit and energy.

Now it's your turn.

If you're ready for a more authentic, guided life, I invite you to join me in The 30-Day Energy Shift. The techniques I teach will make a dramatic difference in your life. I want you to know I’m here for you. Most importantly, your loved ones in spirit are here for you, and I want to help you learn more about the energy you are surrounded with to connect with your guides and loved ones more easily.

Love, Deb

 The Results You Get inside The 30-Day Energy Shift are Incomparable!

Let go of the hidden blocks that are keeping you stuck

Through potent soul clearing, feng shui and chakra clearing techniques, you'll release everything that is weighing you down - from limiting beliefs to old hurts - and reignite the power inside you to co-create with spirit.

Tap into crucial  guidance from Spirit—enabling you to thrive in all areas

You'll connect with your spirit guides and loved ones on the Other Side - and get their important guidance to help you easily transform struggles into positive opportunities and move forward with ease. Ultimately, you'll know that you are always protected and being guided towards what is in your highest good. 

Get the answers and clarity you're seeking 

You'll unleash your most powerful asset - your intuition - and learn how to use it in all areas of your life. You'll get answers to your most important questions. 

Become a magnet for miracles, healing and guidance

Unlock the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui to shape a space that mirrors your deepest aspirations and attracts the reality you dream of, ushering in your heart's true desires. (It's no coincidence that my journey to mediumship started with Feng Shui!)

Communicate with your loved ones in Spirit at any time

Your night time dreams are a gateway to your soul and spirit - giving you the crucial insights you need to help you heal life-long blocks, live your purpose, and manifest what you want. Throughout the 30 days, you'll track your dreams each night and work with me to decipher their hidden messages and guidance.

Get farther and feel BETTER faster by doing LESS. 

 Unlock the keys to rapid EASY healing and empowerment, swiftly shifting from survival to a state of vibrant thriving.

Ultimately, you'll break through even the most pesky blocks like grief, confusion, and pain -- so you can manifest a more empowered, fulfilled reality. 

Yes! I'm ready!

How The 30-Day Energy Shift works

Description of the imageYou get your first module when you sign up. 

Description of the imageWe then begin our extraordinary 30-day energy shift. You'll have a new energy-shift module each week with assignments as well as ongoing support from me and our like-minded community inside our private Facebook community. 

Description of the imageAlong the way, you'll have LIVE Energy Mastery and group coaching sessions with  with me, where you can get personalized laser coaching and spirit-channeled manifestation guidance from me. These are scheduled for  4/9 at 6pm MST, 4/20 at 3pm MST and 4/30 at 6pm MST. They'll be recorded and available in the portal if you can't join live.

Description of the imageWe have a "closing" energy shifting ceremony  during our last group coaching session on 4/30. CELEBRATING with others is KEY if you want to bring LIVE into this energy going forward. 

Description of the imageI don't want to leave you hanging, which I know happens in a lot of courses! We also have a follow up LIVE group coaching and check in on 5/21 at 6pm MST.

What you get inside the 30-Day Energy Shift

Four Energy Shifting Modules  

All to help you break free of what's holding you back and take charge of your life with the help of spirit. Each week, we dive into a new level of energy shifting to help you take things deeper. I share simple yet powerful energy-shifting methods from feng shui, chakra healing, space clearing, psychic development, mediumship and more.  These modules are on demand - so you can watch them when it's most convenient to you. 

Personalized Coaching Support from ME 

This is so not one of those "courses" where you only get a lesson but no real support! As part of this, you'll have access to me in our private community and through Power Hour sessions, where you can get laser coaching. And get support from me anytime by posting in our private Facebook community. I'll get back to you in 1 business day with support. Even if you just need me to cheer you on. :)

Exclusive Energy-Shifting Meditations 

You'll also get exclusive meditations and intentions with each module to help you set powerful energy for the week and fully integrate everything at the deepest level possible. 

Positive collective energy that accelerates your results

Make like-minded, supportive friends and get extra support in our exclusive private Facebook group just for participants. It’s often said we are the product of the people we spend the most time with. This is an amazing group that will light you up no matter what! And, the power of collective energy will help accelerate your results! 

Miracle Mondays!

We also celebrate Miracle Mondays, which will help you shift your energy and create miracles beyond your wildest dreams! Each member shares a small or large miracle - which lifts all our energy and attracts a steady stream of more and more miracles for ALL of us. 

Energy Shift Workbook & Journal

These are personally designed by me and filled with the specific tools and prompts I use to manifest. You'll use them throughout the 30 days and going forward in your life!

YES! I'm Ready!

Jacqueline's Story



What's so unique about The 30-Day Energy Shift? 

The 30 Day Energy Shift is a game-changer because it helps you shift your energy at the deepest levels - mind, body and spirit. And we use a variety of unique yet practical techniques to do this. Over our 30 days together, you'll track your dreams, learn the art of feng shui for outer clearing, discover sacred soul clearing techniques, learn easy ways to awaken your intuition and connect with spirit's guidance. 

I don't know of any other "course" that covers all that. Do you?! 

Plus, we are going to have fun! Yes, FUN! This 30-day experience is jam-packed with joy and lightness. You'll walk away feeling ready and able to take charge of the year ahead with the help of spirit. 


Here's a Peek at Your 30-Day Journey: 

Week 1

Feng Shui and Space Clearing for Your Spirit

Your energy shift begins with powerful feng shui and space clearing techniques that will help you align your outside world with your higher self. You'll be amazed by how these simple changes in your surroundings can totally transform your energy within.

Week 2

Reinvigorate Your Soul

Now we move deeper into the energy of your soul and chakras. This week, you learn all about energy and how it is working within you. Cleanse your internal energy and then reset your soul to align with your spirit guides to receive. Your chakras will feel more aligned and your new sacred spaces will support you.

Week 3

Unlock the Power in Your Dreams

Now we delve into your subconscious! You'll work with me to interpret the dreams that you have recorded since week 1 of your 30-day reset. You'll decipher their hidden messages and learn what your guides are telling you. You'll understand the sub conscious blocks your dreams are sharing so you can let them release. 

Week 4

Signs from Spirit

What are the simple steps to recognizing and accepting messages and signs you are being shown? Now that you are understanding energy and how it works for you, you'll learn to communicate, recognize and receive messages from your guides and loved ones in spirit.

Yes! I'm ready!

Lise's Story... 




What students are saying... 

Yes! I want results like this!
So the big question is...
Do you want to continue carrying the frustration, stress, loss, uncertainty, and setbacks? Those icky feelings of low energy and worry? 
Do you want a totally new beginning? 
You know all those things you want to happen in your life?
Like fulfilling your true purpose, finding love, creating your dream job, and experiencing more happiness. 
Pretty soon another year is going to fly by.
Will you look back excitedly because so much of what you've desired has finally happened?
Or will you feel regretful that another year has gone by with little change? (After all, it's time you'll never get back.)
I want you to heal and shift your energy - so you can THRIVE and create the life you've always imagined. 
It's time to take action and join me in The 30-Day Energy Shift.

Here’s a recap of everything you get in
The 30-Day Energy Shift…

What would you pay for the transformation that happens when you shift your energy? It’s hard to put a number on that kind of breakthrough, but I’ve done my best.

In-depth video modules filled  proven techniques that will help you easily and effortless shift your energy (4 in all)…. $1000

Personalized support through our group coaching sessions (4 in all)… $1000

Private community of like-minded friends… $200

Guided meditations that help you break through blocks, clear your chakras and more… $360

Techniques that will make a dramatic difference in your life… priceless

The total value is a grand total of $2560
But you won’t pay that!
When you enroll now, you’ll get our special pricing...
Only $177 
2 monthly payments of $99


Plus... you have the option to upgrade to a very special VIP package! 

I created this VIP package for people who want to take the energy shift even deeper. It includes...

One of My Conscious Intentions Boxes, filled with all my energy-shifting tools.
I personally put together each of these treasure boxes which will be packed with hand-picked tools to help you with your SPECIFIC desire. This extraordinary box includes a GORGEOUS Vitajuwl crystal gem water bottle, a 108 bead mala that is blessed and activated by me, a high-quality T shirt that reinforces your intention, flying wish paper, a clear quartz crystal to amplify your energy shift and more.

Get The 30-Day Shift plus the VIP Package for only $411. 


 Choose the plan that fits your needs the most. 

Hurry! This early Bird Savings expires soon

Low One-Time Payment


This doesn't include the VIP Package.


Payment Plan

$99/ month

2 monthly payments of $99. No VIP.


VIP Package


Course + All my Energy Shifting Tools

The VIP package includes The 30-Day Energy Shift PLUS:

One of my Conscious Intentions Manifestation Boxes, which will be packed with hand-picked tools to help you with your SPECIFIC desire. This extraordinary box includes a GORGEOUS Vitajuwl crystal gem water bottle, a 108 bead mala that is blessed and activated by me, a high-quality T shirt that reinforces your intention, flying wish paper, a clear quartz crystal to amplify your energy shift and more.


You're Protected with Our 100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

I'm confident The 30-Day Shift will support your personal and spiritual growth if you do the work. That's why I'm offering a risk-free guarantee. 

Here's how it works: Sign up now and join me for the first coaching call. If you're not happy with what you're learning, you can request a full refund. All we ask is that you fully participate in the teachings up to that point and have joined in the private Facebook group. If you do this and find the material doesn't support you in any way, we'll gladly refund your tuition. 

What People are Saying about Deb and her trainings...


I learned how to step out of my comfort zone and trust my intuition. I loved everything about the classes I have done with you. I learned to trust messages that I kept getting but was not recognizing. I also made so many friends from my tribe! I would encourage anyone who is considering a class to do it. I'm so happy that my daughter finally did a workshop! She loved it!


I had a session with Deb, and the one session was better than 5 years of counseling. I was 100% for sure talking to the dead with her. There is zero doubt in my mind. People/animals who I would never guess showed up to talk and help me heal. The thing that surprised me was her insight and the advice she gave. She was very realistic and could give real-life advice, not like someone you would picture who did this. Her head is not in the clouds. It was the best time and money I have ever spent on myself.

~ Miranda P.

I definitely felt a shift in understanding my personal struggles and how they relate to my purpose. I started seeing my passions as tools, rather than purpose and my challenges as my lessons/purpose.


About Deb

Deb Sheppard is an internationally recognized certified medium, spiritual teacher, master manifester author and speaker.  Her incredible ability places her in the top 3% most accurate in her profession. 

She has shared the stage with global spiritual leaders, including James Van Praagh, Michael Beckwith and Sonia Choquette. When she’s not at live events giving readings or teaching her spiritual philosophies, she’s recording episodes of her moving YouTube Series, Grieving to Believing: A Medium’s Mission to Bring Parents Peace, hosting her popular podcast Spirited Straight Talk and empowering hundreds of her mentoring students each year to let go of their limiting beliefs in order to be open to the spirit world. 

Her book, Grieving to Believing - Discovering the Afterlife, is a two-time Amazon bestseller which tells her personal journey - at times raw - of her own healing process and how her abilities work. 

With hundreds of media appearances, Deb has been featured on CBS, NBC, FOX, iHeart Radio, Daily Blast Live, the Jones Radio Network and more. She’s also been syndicated on 150 stations nationwide and a frequent guest on many of the top TV and Radio stations in Denver for years. 

Known for her compassion and keen sense of humor, Deb is based in Colorado and recently married the love of her life, Dana Nieto who is equally loved and admired in Deb’s community as her chief organizer and co-host on Spirited Straight Talk. 

Got a Question? 

We're here to help! Here are the most common questions we get. If you have another question, don't hesitate to reach out to me and my team.

"You will be changed the very first moment that you dive in."

Deb's teachings will shape how I live for years to come... Being a highly anxious person, I learned what anxious energy is mine and what energy I can turn off from the outside. I learned to listen to that anxiety and dig deep into what was causing it and how to work through whatever the issue is... The biggest take away for me was that the process is forever unfolding. I could retake her course today and peel back 100 new and different layers... I would highly recommend Deb to anyone who wants to have a deeper understanding of their path on this earth. I can guarantee that if you sign up and are willing to open up your mind and heart, you will be changed the very first moment that you dive in.

~ Jeff VanDerhule

Yes! I want in!

 Choose the plan that fits your needs the most. 

Manifesting Maven


One Low Payment

- Everything in the Money, Miracles and Infinite Bliss accelerator, including the live full-day workshop, power hour checkins, Miracle Mondays, meditation and 33 day accelerator support with access to me for personalized laser coaching.


Manifesting Pro


Course + Pro Manifestating Tools

- Everything in the Money, Miracles and Infinite Bliss accelerator, including the live full-day workshop, power hour checkins, Miracle Mondays, meditation and 33 day accelerator support with access to me for personalized laser coaching.

-An extraordinary 108 bead Mala, handpicked by me for you to help you become even more powerful with your manifesting ($77 value)!

-My hand-curated home cleansing kit, full of tolls I use to  remove negative energy and lift my vibration - so I can manifest more quickly. ($39 value)


Manifesting All-Star


Course + My Best Manifesting Tools

- Everything in the Money, Miracles and Infinite Bliss accelerator, including the live full-day workshop, power hour checkins, Miracle Mondays, meditation and 33 day accelerator support with access to me for personalized laser coaching.

- One of my Conscious Intentions Manifestation Boxes, which will be packed with hand-picked tools to help you with your SPECIFIC manifestation. This extraordinary box includes a GORGEOUS Vitajuwl crystal gem water bottle, a 108 bead mala, a high-quality T shirt that reinforces your intention, flying wish paper, a clear quartz crystal to amplify your manifestation and more. ($350 value)